10 Turkey-Free Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

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Tired of making turkey crafts with the kids? Yes, me too. You can only make so many turkeys, am I right? And besides, there is so much more to Thanksgiving than just turkeys. Try some of these 10 (non-turkey related) Thanksgiving inspired crafts with your little ones today. Keep reading!

Our At Home Preschool: Valentine’s Day Theme

This post is entirely too late but I thought I would share our Valentine’s Day theme week. Late pregnancy exhaustion has a way of making you want to not get too much done and unfortunately my blog updates have suffered.

Our Valentine’s Day theme week was all about getting our hands dirty- both with arts and crafts and in the kitchen! I love the holidays and Valentine’s Day is no exception. The holidays always inspire me to bake and create. I hope to pass a love of these activities along to my children, as well.

We created some beautiful sun catchers with coffee filters, watered-down food coloring and eye droppers. Timmy enjoyed squirting the different colors on to the paper and watching the dye bleed together. He loves to remind me often that yellow and red make orange.

2015-02-03 001

2015-02-03 003

2015-02-02 007

2015-02-03 013

Sponge painting was was a big hit with both of the kiddos! I cut heart shaped sponges for the kids and let them stamp away on white sheets of felt.

2015-01-28 002

2015-01-28 004

2015-01-28 007

2015-01-28 010

I thought we could use the painted hearts to make Valentine’s Day cards for Timmy and Vera’s cousins. For the cards, we made pink marbled paper from food coloring and and shaving cream. It was such a fun and simple craft to do with both kids. You simply add a few drops of food coloring to a shallow dish of shaving cream and have the kids give the shaving cream a quick stir (so the food coloring isn’t completely blended). I had Timmy dip the card stock in the shaving cream and then I scraped the excess off the paper with the flat side of a knife blade. The paper needs to be dried under the weight of a few books. I think it looks so interesting.

2015-01-25 005

2015-01-25 008

I attached the sponge painted hearts to cards made from the marbled paper. Cute and simple Valentine’s Day cards for the kids’ cousins!

2015-02-14 003

We made some yummy cupcakes together- pink frosting and red sprinkles are always a hit in the kitchen.


I love to have the kids practice with lacing cards. I made some heart cards with foam sheets and twine. Even my littlest got in on the action.

2015-01-26 009

We had a fun week together. When I asked Timmy what he loves, he replied, “you, Mommy”. ❤ He made my week.

14 Valentine’s Day Crafts to Make with Your Kids

I love Valentine’s Day. And now that my oldest is three, I can finally start making some Valentine’s Day themed crafts with him. I’ve gathered together 14 adorable, simple and inexpensive Valentine’s Day crafts to make with your little ones. Just scroll down for some inspiration!

1. Lacing cards are such an engaging activity to keep kids’ little hands busy. The Artful Parent shows you how to easily make your own lacing hearts.

2. Crafty Morning shares inspiration to make the most adorable heart-shaped Valentine’s animals. I absolutely love her ideas! Two of my favorites are the bumble bee and puppy dog. My kids adore animals and these  will be so much fun to make.

3. Homeketeers shows you how to make love bug magnets out of pom poms. I call my little Vera ‘love bug’ all the time!

4. Do your kids love ripping and cutting paper as much as mine do? Turn this ever popular toddler activity into something pretty with this tissue paper heart craft from Sweet and Simple Living.


5. Sweet and Simple Living also shares a tutorial for these cute and colorful Fruit Loop heart bird feeders.

6. My oldest loves to bake. Daisy Pickers came up with a simple way to make a heart-shaped cake from two smaller cakes. We’ll have to give this one a try.


7. I love these Valentine’s Day sun catchers shared over at Fun at Home With Kids. How lovely! These are sure to brighten even the most dreary of February days.

8. Who doesn’t have lots of broken crayon pieces lying around the house? Turn them into something beautiful and fun to use with this tutorial for heart-shaped crayons from Fun at Home With Kids.


9. Stamps! My little ones love to use stamps to paint and these are super cute! Check out these homemade heart sponges from Learn Create Love. What could be more simple and fun?


10. Learn Create Love also shares her tree of love craft using tissue paper hearts, lots of glue  and your child’s handprint. This would be such a great keepsake, don’t you think?


11. Here’s a simple idea from Teach With Me to make a paper heart chain. It’s a great way to practice patterns with your little ones, too!

paper chain

12. Crafty Morning shares a great use for those cardboard toilet paper tubes we all toss out. How creative is this idea?

13. I love these pom pom love monsters from Made to Be A Momma! I actually have some pink pom poms left over from another craft- now I know what to do with them!

14. This one is probably not for the very little ones but it’s still a great craft for kids! Today’s Every Mom gives us a tutorial to make a paper heart garland.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on my collection of ideas! I can’t wait to start getting my hands messy with the kids with these crafts.