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Our oldest, Timmy, just turned four a few days ago. It’s such a fun and curious age, isn’t it? He’s not enrolled in preschool (so shocking to some!) and so our homeschooling plans this year have been and will continue to be very laid back. Young children love to learn…you only need to nurture and guide their natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge. The only structured ‘school’ time at this point happens for about 30 minutes each day while my two year old and baby are napping. Most of his learning is woven into everyday life. Keep reading!


10 Turkey-Free Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

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Tired of making turkey crafts with the kids? Yes, me too. You can only make so many turkeys, am I right? And besides, there is so much more to Thanksgiving than just turkeys. Try some of these 10 (non-turkey related) Thanksgiving inspired crafts with your little ones today. Keep reading!

Storytelling with Preschoolers

My three year old loves storytelling. He spends hours each day engaged in pretend play, creating stories as he plays with his trains, his cars, his animal figurines, his favorite elephant lovie, his Legos, pretty much anything he can get his little hands on! I adore his creativity and imagination and try to encourage his storytelling ability as much as I can.

All too often I forget his cute stories by the time my husband gets home from work. My favorite new way to both nurture his storytelling ability and to remember his stories is to document his stories. It’s very easy: I simply write down his stories as he tells them and I create a simple book for him to illustrate. Keep reading!

We’re Going On A Leaf Hunt!

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I started our day by reading the wonderful children’s book, “We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt” by Steve Metzger. The book follows the story line of “Going on a Bear Hunt” in which the children in the book find different types of trees with different kinds of leaves as they hike through the forest. The kids loved this easy to read book!


I thought it would be fun to go on our own leaf hunt at a beautiful local park. My little ones love going for walks and they love collecting leaves. Keep reading!

Fall Theme Week

We took our time with our fall theme week (it was more like two weeks!), spending lots of time on crafts and enjoying time in the great outdoors! I love the fall and I think the kids had just as much fun as I did with all of our fall inspired activities.

We checked out some fall themed books from our local library. Timmy and Vera’s favorite by far was We’re Going On A Leaf Hunt by Steven Metzger. It is such a fun book and it inspired a leaf hunt of our own (a later blog post)!

PicMonkey Collage

We spent an entire morning at a local farm and pumpkin patch, soaking up what’s left of the beautiful fall weather in the Pacific Northwest. The kids had a wonderful time and each picked out a ‘perfect pumpkin’.


DSC_0472 (2)

I printed and laminated some playdough mats for Timmy to practice forming his numbers. He made ‘apples’ to put on the apple trees. You can find the free printables here.



We used food coloring and droppers to paint leaves. You can read all about in this post.




Painting a fall tree with a dish brush was fun!



The kids used apples as stamps to make the ‘leaves’ of their trees. They both enjoyed painting with apples!




I cut out the different parts of a scarecrow from construction paper and Timmy used a glue stick to put him together.


We made pumpkin bread and crockpot apple cider one afternoon. The whole house smelled like fall!


I’d love to hear your thoughts on our first of many theme weeks this year! For more great fall themed ideas, follow my Pinterest board.

Katie’s Fall Theme Board