DIY Flower Lampshade



I love making pretty, feminine things for my little girls’ room. What better touch than a fabric flower covered lampshade.

I will begin by stressing- this is an extremely time-consuming project! I spent several nights cutting fabric and gluing flowers together.The final result is so lovely though, that it more than made up for the hours spent. And it makes me feel better about binge watching TV in the evenings if I’m creating something beautiful.

To make your own, begin by picking 1-2 yards of your favorite lightweight fabric and cut or rip into 2.5-3 inch strips. You’ll need to cut LOTS and LOTS of ~2 inch fabric circles from these fabric strips. For this small lampshade I used 40 flowers and 10 fabric circles are needed for each flower. That’s 400 circles! Yikes! The easiest way to cut your circles quickly is to fold the fabric over itself 8-10 times and cut around a thick cardboard circle pattern.



As you can see I cut PERFECT circles. All joking aside, you really don’t need perfectly cut circles. Armed with your hundreds of imperfect circles, you can start assembling your flowers.

To begin, put a circle of hot glue in the middle of a circle and fold the fabric in half.DSC_0341

Put a little hot glue in the center near the folded crease and fold the half circle in half again. You’ll need 8 of these “petals” for each flower.


Put about a nickel-sized amount of hot glue in the middle of a circle and layer 4 “petals”, points in the middle, onto your circle.


You’ll need another layer of 4″petals” but rotate this layer 45 degrees so the petals overlap.


To make the center of the flower, start with a half circle and then roll it into a cone shape. Secure with hot glue.



Glue the cone-shaped “petal” into the center of the flower and glue the sides of it to the layer of “petals” underneath. This will give your flower a nice full shape.



Pretty, right? Not only do they look great on a lampshade, but I think they’d be perfect for dressing up headbands or dresses for little girls.

Attach your flowers to your lampshade with plenty of hot glue. I used four different types of flowers so I figured out a pattern before I started gluing. It’s important to squish your flowers together a bit to give it a nice look- you don’t want to see any of the lampshade peaking through!







I’d love to hear your thoughts? Do you love this as much as I do but don’t want to make your own? Visit my Etsy shop to purchase your very own custom made flower lampshade!

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