Pipe Cleaner Spiders


As part of our Halloween theme week we made some simple pipe cleaner spiders. Even though I hate spiders, I think these turned out really cute (and the kids loved making them, too)! My two year old carried her spider around all day pretending to feed it.

They couldn’t be easier to make -all you’ll need are black pipe cleaners and wiggly eyes.  Making this spider is the perfect project for preschool aged children to do with just a bit of help.

You’ll need 7 pipe cleaners for each spider. Twist 2 pipe cleaners together to make one long strand.
Wind the long strand around your finger to create the body of the spider.  You want it to look nice and round.
Slide it off your fingers leaving a hole through the middle of the spider body.
Take four more pipe cleaners and twist them together in the center to create the eight spider legs.
Thread the legs through the hole in the body so there are four legs on each side.
Squish the spider body down a bit to hold the legs in place. Bend the legs on each side, and spread them out a bit. Bend the end of each leg to create a little foot. Hot glue two eyes on the body of your spider.
And you’re done. Happy Halloween, everyone!

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