We’re Going On A Leaf Hunt!

PicMonkey Collage

I started our day by reading the wonderful children’s book, “We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt” by Steve Metzger. The book follows the story line of “Going on a Bear Hunt” in which the children in the book find different types of trees with different kinds of leaves as they hike through the forest. The kids loved this easy to read book!


I thought it would be fun to go on our own leaf hunt at a beautiful local park. My little ones love going for walks and they love collecting leaves.


It was so funny to me to watch which leaves my kids chose to collect- Timmy only wanted “perfect leaves” and Vera thought the crumbled, brown ones were just beautiful! All of their leaves went into our bag as we walked. We continued our hunt through the ‘forest’ for leaves of all colors, shapes, and sizes and along the way.


Vera sorted the leaves by color once we returned home- she loves sorting things lately.


So many pretty colors! I helped the kids place their beautiful leaves onto a piece of clear contact paper and we stuck our colorful collage to our sliding glass door.




Enjoy this great fall activity with your kids before fall’s gorgeous leaves are all gone!


One thought on “We’re Going On A Leaf Hunt!

  1. I have not seen this book, but my kids love going on a bear hunt. Our leaves have just started falling and my kids announced that it is now fall. Thanks for linking up at Made for Kids.

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