Our At Home Preschool: Valentine’s Day Theme

This post is entirely too late but I thought I would share our Valentine’s Day theme week. Late pregnancy exhaustion has a way of making you want to not get too much done and unfortunately my blog updates have suffered.

Our Valentine’s Day theme week was all about getting our hands dirty- both with arts and crafts and in the kitchen! I love the holidays and Valentine’s Day is no exception. The holidays always inspire me to bake and create. I hope to pass a love of these activities along to my children, as well.

We created some beautiful sun catchers with coffee filters, watered-down food coloring and eye droppers. Timmy enjoyed squirting the different colors on to the paper and watching the dye bleed together. He loves to remind me often that yellow and red make orange.

2015-02-03 001

2015-02-03 003

2015-02-02 007

2015-02-03 013

Sponge painting was was a big hit with both of the kiddos! I cut heart shaped sponges for the kids and let them stamp away on white sheets of felt.

2015-01-28 002

2015-01-28 004

2015-01-28 007

2015-01-28 010

I thought we could use the painted hearts to make Valentine’s Day cards for Timmy and Vera’s cousins. For the cards, we made pink marbled paper from food coloring and and shaving cream. It was such a fun and simple craft to do with both kids. You simply add a few drops of food coloring to a shallow dish of shaving cream and have the kids give the shaving cream a quick stir (so the food coloring isn’t completely blended). I had Timmy dip the card stock in the shaving cream and then I scraped the excess off the paper with the flat side of a knife blade. The paper needs to be dried under the weight of a few books. I think it looks so interesting.

2015-01-25 005

2015-01-25 008

I attached the sponge painted hearts to cards made from the marbled paper. Cute and simple Valentine’s Day cards for the kids’ cousins!

2015-02-14 003

We made some yummy cupcakes together- pink frosting and red sprinkles are always a hit in the kitchen.


I love to have the kids practice with lacing cards. I made some heart cards with foam sheets and twine. Even my littlest got in on the action.

2015-01-26 009

We had a fun week together. When I asked Timmy what he loves, he replied, “you, Mommy”. ❤ He made my week.


Our At Home Preschool: Weeks 8 And 9

With my third baby’s imminent arrival, blog posts have been few and far between. We have been continuing to do preschool at home and lately I’ve been trying to catch up on all my posts. Here’s what we were learning a couple of weeks ago…

Imaginative Play:

Stickers are expensive and somehow always end up stuck to the kitchen floor or the dining room table. Reusable stickers are a nice solution and Melissa and Doug makes   great reusable sticker books- I bought the animal one for the kids the other day. The pages are large and brightly colored and even my 19 month old can easily peel, apply and reapply the animal stickers. Timmy made up his own cute stories to go along with each page. He played with his new sticker book for easily an hour the day I got it for him.

2015-02-03 012

Timmy really has a great imagination. I love observing his pretend play. For example, he loves building structures and then uses his steam roller to knock them all over. Little boys 🙂

2015-01-20 003

2015-01-20 004

The forklift helped pick up the large pieces of wood after the demolition. He also made a barn for all of his zoo animals. He set up train tracks to bring food to the animals.

2015-01-21 003


We continued working on Timmy’s cvc word families. He’s knows all of the -AT, -ET, -IT and the -OT word families. I also introduced the -AN, -IN, -OG, -ALL, -UP and -OP word families. We had lots fun reading the Dr. Suess book Hop on Pop together.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve noticed a big change in his ability to decode simple cvc words. When I first started introducing word families to him, I could tell he was simply memorizing the words. But lately he’s begun to sound out the words now that he understands how to blend the consonant and vowel sounds together. It really is so amazing to watch young children learn, isn’t it?

We also used his letter blend board in new ways. I say a word, for example “flower”, and ask him which letter blend the word begins with. Once he correctly identifies the blend, he marks it with a counting bear. Once his board is full he gets an M&M. My son will do anything for an M&M!

2015-01-29 001

Now that my three year old is more or less done with naps, I’ve begun to let him “rest” in his bed with our iPad. He plays with the Starfall Learn to Read app ($2.99) for about 30 minutes each day. I credit his development in sounding out words with using this app. It might be something useful for your pre/early reader as well!


Timmy has sight word puzzle pieces he’s been using lately. He’s put the pieces together a few times and already recognizes most of the sight words.

2015-01-27 008

He’s picking up sight words from reading books with me, too. “Where’s the word ____, mommy?” he asks. He really is a quick learner when it comes to reading. I’ve ordered a sight word bingo game online to start working on more sight words with him over the next few months.

We completed a few cut and paste rhyming words worksheets together. He picked up on the concept quickly.

2015-01-20 008


Timmy shows little interest in writing letters but he was more than happy to make them out  of playdough. Forming snakes into letters was so much fun for him!

2015-01-27 001

2015-01-27 005

2015-01-27 010

I was even able to convince him to trace over some of the colorful foam letters with a marker.

2015-01-28 001

Early Math:

We played our ‘counting on’ game some more this past week. Timmy and I take turns drawing playing cards and count on from whatever number we draw- sometimes to 10 and sometimes to 20.

Timmy played with the Learning Journey’s Match It! Mathematics puzzles last week. The puzzle cards include 10 self-correcting cards of counting, 10 cards of addition and 10 cards of subtraction.


These puzzle cards are not only useful to reinforce the concepts of number recognition and counting (Timmy’s quite comfortable with these concepts) but will help with basic addition and subtraction. Along with counting bears and unifix cubes, these cards should be a great way to begin introducing addition and subtraction to Timmy. I hope to start working on these concepts at some point this year. 

Arts and Crafts:

TImmy and Vera collaborated on a few coloring and painting projects over the last few weeks. I just love watching them play together.

2015-02-03 011

Our At-Home Preschool: Fun with Maps

“Mommy!” he shrieked as he returned home from an outing to the zoo with his father.

“I have a zoo map!”

Timmy couldn’t wait to show me where he had been in the zoo with his daddy. He traced along the paths with his finger and showed me in great detail where all the animals lived.

This wasn’t the beginning of his interest in maps. I’d seen him drawn to maps before. During a recent trip to Vancouver, Timmy spent some time in the hotel room tracing over the roads and bridges on a map of the city. I explained to him what the map key was and where the parks and water were. He made sure to bring it along with him in the car to tell us where we should go.

map 1

map 2

I wanted to encourage his new interest in maps with a few activities. There are plenty of great map books written for toddlers and preschoolers. Here are some reviewed at Gift of Curiosity. I was able to find some map themed books at our local library to read with the kiddos.

I bought a US map to hang over the kids’ table. The kids love it! At three, Timmy can’t really grasp what the map of the US represents, but he enjoyed putting dots on the map where friends and family lived and places he’s lived and visited. Vera’s even gotten in on the action of learning the states. My husband’s made numerous work-related trips to Hawaii lately. Now everyday when he leaves for work, Vera says, “daddy’s going to Hawaii on a boat”. So cute.


To make it more to his scale and easier for him to grasp and to encourage the love of making his own maps, I printed a satellite photo of our neighborhood using Google Maps.

I sat down next to Timmy and colored in our house. “This is where our house is. And this is the road we live on. And this is the road we walk down to get to the park. And this is where we take your bike to ride”, I said. He got the idea quickly and began asking questions… Where were our neighbors houses? As I pointed he added colored dots and I ran colored lines along the roads.

2015-01-21 009

We made a giant roadmap, too. Timmy really had a great deal of fun with this project. I taped an huge piece of white paper to the table and told him we were making a roadmap.  I cut thick strips of black foam and he glued them to the paper. He used a house shaped sponge to add houses with red paint. Adding bushes, ponds and ducks were all his idea. I love how his little mind works. There just had to be ducks in the pond!

map 6

map 7

map 8.

map 9

Following his interest in maps was easy to do and has been a delight to watch. Just by providing him with a few maps and some drawing materials he’s learned about basic geography, begun to extend his world view, thought about distances and measurement, and practiced some mark making. I wonder where his interests will take us next!