Green Eggs and Ham Rhyming Word Puzzles

Reading simple rhyming books with your little ones is a great way to introduce rhyming to them. Rhyming books expose young children to how rhymes sound in a meaningful, engaging manner. In my opinion, Dr. Suess’ classic books are great choices for introducing rhyming.


Timmy (38 months) and I love reading these silly, rhyming tongue twisters together!  His favorite these days is Green Eggs and Ham. While reading this book with Timmy, I love to point out the rhyming words by saying, “I hear rhyming words! Rain rhymes with train!” Once he better understands the concept of rhyming, I will ask him to come up with his own words that rhyme with ones in the book.

I combined Timmy’s love of puzzles with the rhyming words from Green Eggs and Ham and came up with this simple activity. I cut green paper eggs from some scrap cardstock I had lying around the house. I made the eggs into simple 2 piece puzzles and attached some magnetic tape to the backs of the pieces.

eggs 5

Timmy loved putting together his rhyming word puzzles. After putting together each puzzle, we went over the rhyming pair. “Train rhymes with rain”, I would say. After going over all the rhyming pairs, he was able to repeat each one back to me. He enjoyed this activity, and as an added bonus, Timmy has learned some new sight words!

eggs 6

I hope you can give this a try with your pre-readers and Dr. Suess lovers! I’d love to hear your thoughts, too!

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