Our At-Home Preschool: Weeks 4 and 5

Some sort of nasty plague made its way into our house some two weeks ago. No one escaped its wrath. It’s been tough to get everyone healthy again but I think I can safely say that everyone is on the mend. I missed a few weekly posts, but Timmy and I did manage to squeeze in some learning despite feeling pretty lousy.

Over the last two weeks we’ve worked on more word families/cvc words, learned more consonant letter blends and practiced recognizing them in words, introduced the math concept of counting on, practiced simple ABAB and AABAAB patterns (while making adorable Christmas pom-pom ornaments!) and worked on tracing letters and numbers.

We worked our way through sounding out all of the AT cvc family words- bat, cat, hat, mat, pat, rat and sat. He’s become comfortable spelling and reading these words. It’s so wonderful to watch Timmy pick these words out of books and to read them with such enthusiasm. I also introduced the ET cvc family last week- bet, get, jet, let, met, net, pet, set, wet and yet. Timmy loves using his cookie sheet spelling board (which I posted a picture of in my last post) and his magnetic letters to put words together. We also worked on learning and recognizing more consonant letter blends.

letter blend 1

I gave Timmy small pictures and had him identify with which letter blend the words begin. He was able to correctly identify the blends  BR, BL, CH, CL, CR, DR, FR, FL, GL, GR, PL and PR. Lately Timmy has been proudly pointing out to me when he hears these consonant blends in words. I’ll introduce some new blends in the coming weeks, but for now I’m trying to reinforce the ones he already knows.

Even though Timmy enjoys counting with his manipulatives and practicing one to one correspondence, it really is too simple a task for him. Last week I introduced the math concept of counting on to Timmy. My goal was to see if he could count up to 5 with manipulatives without starting on the number 1. To do this I placed 1, 2, 3 and 4 different color cubes on the paper. To have him start counting with the next number in the sequence, I first asked Timmy how many cubes there were in each row. Once he told me how many cubes there were, I asked him what the next number would be in the sequence. He placed the cubes on the paper as he counted to 5. To my surprise he understood this concept quite well.

count on 1

count on 2Timmy and I made some pom-pom ornaments to hang on our Christmas tree. It was also a great way to work on some simple patterns with him. He easily picked up on the ABAB candy cane pattern and AABAAB wreath pattern (using small and large pom-poms). I put a little glue on foam cutouts, explained the patters to him and he got right to work. We made a pretty adorable snowman as well- mostly my work though ;-). I think I had nearly as much fun as Timmy making these ornaments.

tim ornament tim wreathornamentsornament 4ornament 3ornament 2

Vera kept busy with her own art project while we made the ornaments.

vera art

It’s amazing how different siblings can be. Timmy is only now beginning to show an interest in painting and coloring, but Vera loved both well before her first birthday.

I discovered recently that foam sticks to glass when it’s wet. I cut out lots of various foam shapes and had Timmy “paint” the shapes with water. Both kids had a great time sticking the shapes all over the sliding glass door. Timmy knows all of the basic shapes but this is a great way to introduce and reinforce some more complex shapes (pentagon, hexagon, octagon, rhombus, etc.) and still have some fun! Timmy even made a truck out of his shapes. This really was a great activity- I’ll definitely take these shapes out again if the kids ever get restless on a rainy day. tim shapes tim shapes 3 tim shapes 2Timmy has been tracing over the letters, first with dots and then lines. We do one letter each week and after tracing over the letter, I have Timmy identify words that begin with the letter of the week.


He also enjoys tracing over numbers, too. And for the first time ever, Timmy attempted to write the numbers 1, 2 and 3 all by himself.

letter trace 2

I’m glad these last two and half weeks are over. I’m looking forward to having everyone healthy again in the new year and preparing for the arrival of baby #3!


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