The Perfect Christmas Photos

I should have known better. I really should have. Sickness had been ravaging our house for the past two weeks and we’d been scrambling a bit to get everything done before Christmas Day. My husband really wanted to send out Christmas cards this year. Eh, I thought, maybe I’m just a little bit lazy but I could have just skipped it all together this year. I agreed, and of course, I just had to include some photos of the kids.

Attempting to take Christmas photos of two sick, tired and cranky toddlers was just a bad idea. I should have just settled for some shots of them in their Christmas pajamas on the couch eating cereal and watching cartoons, but in my head I imagined adorable photos of my two little perfectly dressed angels holding hands and laughing in front of the Christmas tree. Reality took over and this is what we ended up with.

It started off badly and quickly went downhill from there. Timmy insisted on holding his sister’s hand but she wanted no part of it. Vera was also upset because she wanted to sit on my lap.

christmas photo 1

Christmas photo 4

CHristmas photo 3

Even a little bribe, I mean snack, couldn’t placate my little one.

christmas photo 7 christmas photo 6

Tim was over it by this point.

christmas photo 13


One was yawning and the other one was crying.

christmas photo 12

Finally Vera was calm but Timmy was just done.

christmas photo 10 christmas photo 11 christmas photo 16I should also mention that we broke two ornaments and I made my son cry during this failed photo session. Our pictures didn’t turn out at all as I had hoped they would, but they couldn’t be more perfect. Life with little kids certainly isn’t all smiles and laughter, but it’s these less than perfect moments that make life wonderful and memorable. It’s real life. And even though it didn’t feel like it at the time, these photos will be more precious to me some day than any “perfect Christmas photos” ever could be.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


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