Ribbon Lacing Christmas Tree

I’ve been meaning to buy Timmy some lacing cards lately. I think they’d be great to keep his little hands busy and work on his fine motor skills as well. In the meantime, I figured I could make some lacing cards of my own.

Now that Timmy has begun to show an interest in making crafts with me, I try to do at least one craft each week with him. Craft time seemed like a perfect opportunity to incorporate some lacing skills. My plan was to have Timmy make a paper plate Christmas tree with a ribbon lacing garland.

Timmy happily painted a paper plate (and a good chunk of the table around it) green. After cutting off the edge of the plate, I cut the plate into 3 pieces of increasing size.

ps3 2I glued the pieces together in the shape of a Christmas tree and cut some holes along the bottom of each tier of the tree. I cut three pieces of ribbon. I knotted one end of each of the ribbons and then taped around the other end of the ribbons. I pushed the taped ends of the ribbons through the first hole of each tier of the tree. My homemade lacing card was ready to go.

ps3 4


lacingIt only took a quick explanation from me about what to do with the ribbon and Timmy got right down to business- I loved how focused he was on the task at hand.

ps3 1He loved adding the pom pom Christmas ornaments to his tree, but was very adamant about stopping when he did. Less is more, I suppose.

ps3 6

I think his Christmas tree looks great hanging on our fridge.

ps3 5

I may have to come up with some more lacing card crafts since he enjoyed this one so much!

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