A Magnetic Board for the Kids

My refrigerator was slowly being taken over by my kids’ magnets. It’s not that I mind a colorful fridge, but I wanted them to be able to play with their magnets in the playroom.

With just a quick trip to Lowe’s and use of a few supplies I had lying around the house, I had a magnetic board for the kids. I bought a galvanized steel flat sheet for just a few dollars in the ducting section of the store. The steel sheet was very flimsy and had incredibly sharp edges. To solve this problem, I cut a thick piece of poster board the same size as the metal sheet. After laying the sheet down on top of the poster board, I taped around the edges using white duct tape. I didn’t even need to secure the metal sheet to the poster board before taping them together. The finished board was so light, I just needed a few mounting strips to adhere it to the playroom wall securely. So simple. I’m sure you could cover the board with pretty fabric if you desired, but I think the board looks fine as it is.

Tim and Vera both love the board- it’s already provided hours of entertainment in the few short days it’s been hanging on the wall. Lately Timmy has been showing some interest in knowing how to spell words- mostly names of animals, names of characters from books we read and the names of his oodles of Thomas and Friends engines. (I know them all, I think!) We spend time each day spelling words together on the board, which is great because I know he would never be interested in doing this on paper. He also enjoys making, as he calls it, “a letter train”.

board 1

Timmy’s “letter train”

board 2

Timmy telling me that mouse begins with M!

I still would like to get some magnetic gears for the board. Vera loves to play with gears. I also want to make my own version of tangrams for my little ones- I’ll get some inexpensive sheets of craft foam, cut them into various tans and attach some magnetic tape to the back of them. Something like this. It would make a perfect rainy day activity for when the kids are napping, and living in Washington, there’s no shortage of those.

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