Simple Wreath Tutorial

Nothing makes your front door look more inviting than a wreath. And our front door was looking pretty uninviting these days. My latest project was actually inspired by a tutorial to make felt flowers I found months ago on It’s The Little Things. They’re really lovely and what better way to show them off than on a wreath. All I needed to make one was some scrap felt I had from another project (you won’t need much), a foam wreath form, a ball of yarn and my trusty glue gun. I was able to make this wreath while the kids were napping peacefully one day. Yes, I am lucky enough to have my 10 month old and almost 2.5 year old nap at the same time. I feel rather fortunate to have a little quiet time midday. And rather than catching up on the 10 million other things I should be doing while my husband is deployed and we’re preparing to move (again!), I made a wreath.

Secure one end of the yarn to the wreath form with a little hot glue and wrap the yarn around the form. Once you reach the beginning, secure the end with some more hot glue.


wreath 2Attach your flowers with hot glue. So simple. I had a wreath hanger that had been used to hang our Christmas wreath.
wreath 6Here’s a close up of these lovely felt flowers. They were so much fun to make!

wreath 4



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