Timmy’s Nursery

I hate boring white walls, or in the case of our new home, walls painted a very bland color I like to call vanilla. Vanilla is even worse than white. I couldn’t wait to throw some color on Timmy’s nursery walls. It was the first room that was painted in our house and I LOVE the color–so bright and cheerful.

It’s only taken me a year, but I FINALLY finished painting the murals on his walls. I pulled some images of monkeys and giraffes off of Pinterest and tried my best to replicate them by sketching on the walls with pencil. A small brush for details and some sample sized paints from your local paint store is all you need. The sample sized jars of paint are best–it’s the perfect amount of paint and they’re only a few dollars a jar. I’m far from being a good artist but I’m really pleased with how it turned out.



I made a sun and birds by gluing together pieces of thin foam that I found in the kid’s crafts section of Michael’s and attached them to the wall. I used them to decorate Timmy’s nursery in the house we rented while stationed in Newport, RI and they were just too cute to throw away.



Maybe I should paint some clouds on the wall, too.

I’m in love with Timmy’s room. I wish I could pick up his room and move it with us when we head to Washington state this summer. Sigh. I suppose it’ll be back to boring white walls for us.

I’m linking this up to the weekly link party over on Not Just A Housewife, Tatertots and Jello, I’m Not A Trophy Wife and USS Crafty!





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