Our First Deployment

In theory I thought I knew what I was getting myself into when I married a Naval officer– the long absences, frequent moves across country and the deployments. But in reality it’s been more difficult and I’ve been more lonely than I ever could have imagined. After three years of marriage, two kids and two cross country moves (soon to be 3!!) it’s been trying for us as a family.

The new year brought with it our family’s first deployment. The husband and I decided it would be best if Timmy, Vera and I didn’t see the ship off at the pier for fear of how Timmy might react. It was a pretty low key goodbye with the kids still in their pajamas. Timmy thought it was just another day of daddy leaving for work– he smiled and gave daddy a big hug and kiss just like he always does.

goodbye 2

goodbye 3

The day my husband left was the toughest. He’s been gone for some time now and we all miss him like crazy. I stay strong for him and our beautiful children. I couldn’t be more proud of my husband for his service for our beloved country. Our separation does not get any easier with each passing day, but we’re learning to adjust and you better believe I’m counting the days until his return.





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