Pretty tulle tutu for under $5

Every little girl needs a big, fluffy tulle tutu! I’d been dying to make one for my little girl after seeing DIY tutus pop up all over Pinterest recently. They are so simple (and fun!) to make that I’m sure my little girl will have a closet full of these tutus within the next few years.

All you need to make one for your little girl is at least 25 yards of 6 inch tulle, some ribbon (optional) and one of those stretchy baby crochet head bands.


I bought both the head band and tulle in white for less than $5 at Walmart.

The length of the skirt will depend on the size of your girl. My baby was just 6 months old when I made this tutu so I decided on a skirt length of 5 inches. You’ll have to double the length of your desired skirt when cutting your tulle pieces. For a quick and easy way to cut the tulle, I wrapped the tulle around a 10 inch length of cardboard. Cut through the layers of tulle at each end of the cardboard. Voila- you have lots and lots of tulle pieces.

And now for the fun part: making your tutu! All you need to do is learn how to tie a simple slipknot. To do this, take a piece of tulle, scrunch it up lengthwise and fold it in half.


The headband I chose to use has holes that were diagonal to each other.

tutu prep1

Weave the loop of tulle through two diagonal holes on the headband with the tails trailing behind as shown:

tutu prep2

Pull the tails through the loop.

Pull the slip knot tight, making sure your tails stay even.

tutu prep4

Pull the knot tightly, which will allow you to add more tulle making the skirt fuller. You’ll notice that the headband has several rows of holes which will allow you to create multiple layers of tulle if you desire. I chose to create two layers for my baby’s skirt. I didn’t want to drown her in tulle! There was a drastic difference in fullness after adding the second layer of tulle. I can imagine 3 or 4 would be even better– just remember you’ll need more tulle.

I finished this lovely tutu off with some white ribbon by threading it through two holes and tying a bow.


I think Vera likes it!




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